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We have reached a new era of human evolution. Raise your vibrations to ease into this new era from the inside out; from the physical to the spiritual from the hidden to the manifest. A healthy life begins with healthy thoughts and a healthy body begins with clean and healthy cells. Clean and healthy cells results in radiant skin and a vital body and mind. Increase the level of vibration in your cells and the light will radiate out of your being.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our elixirs and Body Changes

The Powerful 'Shifting'

As we look deeper into the subtle mechanics of humanity's evolution, we can see how the ebbs and flows of the celestial bodies are now and have always effected our state of mind, consciousness and physical wellbeing. The shifts in our cosmos the past few weeks have activated and opened the 'Heart center' to more easily align with celestial bodies and energyfields of creation.

Due to the powerful incoming energies it has been very difficult on many individuals who are becoming more sensitive toward universal energies and the sometimes unnerving speed at which it changes and shifts.
These are all normal health phenomena, as long as you are generally healthy you will be experiencing a complete detoxing on all levels, a bit like body spring cleaning in that all gets turned upside down before settling in to a new organized reality! Your system is purifying itself, by itself, here is a time you could find ways to support it by refueling it and working with nutrition that will provide your body with what it needs as it is expanding and growing toward a more sophisticated and holographic 'human instrument'.

The human being is evolving in accordance with the earth herself and all living creatures and conscious beings within the entire galaxy! Nature is the prime source available to us to absorb much needed energy in form of nutrients from the Plant and mineral kingdoms, each plant provides nutrients that resonate with vibrational fields opening consciousness and connects us further to the expanding universe so that we benefit in its entirety and prepared for higher frequencies of incoming light waves.

Take back your Mind and body

Your body is your temple....

Health care is one of the major preoccupations of human beings. And now in this millennium, we are facing a Global health crisis. Yet many of us are finding a renewed sense of Living like our bodies are begining to regenerate and beyond what it may have been before these powerful energy shifts, we can no longer fit into the 'mould' we were in, even a few months ago, we have transcended our past limited template based on victim/martyr path of self actualization, and are recreating a new template of consciousness, we are in a time where the Competitive mind is being replaced by the Creative mind, it is with the creative mind where we begin to take control over the events in our life and how they advance all who enter into your energy field.

Creation was created only to expand, here we have a quantum leap

Create your own powerful energyfield and aura by using our elixirs to raise your vibratory rate and repair any damage done from electromagnetic poisoning and radiation....

Sacred Alchemia

NEW Website: Spiritually empowered exotic elixirs

Soon our NEW Webspace will be up where our Spiritually Empowered elixirs will have an exclusive spot soon on the world wide web! It has been an exciting process preparing for the
launch of these very special elixirs, uniquely formulated Plant alchemy to take you into the next level of human existence.

Sacred Alchemia and Transformation

"Alchemy is a rainbow bridging the chasm between the earthly and heavenly planes, between matter and spirit...alchemy, the royal sacerdotal art, also called the hermetic philosophy, conceals, in esoteric texts and enigmatic emblems, the means of penetrating the very secrets of Nature, Life, and Death, of Unity, Eternity and Infinity.

Viewed in the context of these secrets, that of gold making is, relatively speaking, of little consequence: something comparable to the super-powers (siddhis) sometimes obtained by Great Yogis, which are sought not after for their own sake, but are important by-products of high spiritual attainment." - Alchemy by S.K. de Rola.

The Sacredness of the operation that we perform is intended for regeneration: physically, psychologically, and spiritually, through the assistance of the elixir as a manifestation of your spiritual power. We combine this aspect of the Work with Irfan/subtle evocations of angelic and celestial forces and astrological invocations, similar to what is done for talismans, to intensify the desired effects and properties of the phyto-nutrients and attributes of the plant spirits.

Coming Soon...

PsychicSisters empowerments
Empower your world with Love

The universal energies work with the energies of our empowerments, they will seek out the path of least resistance and activate you in a gentle way opening you to the amounts of light that your system can handle in a process.
We are in a phase where the energies are focused on the Heart by activating the 'love elixir' with your Heart center(s) 7'Lata'if' subtle centers~ you will be benefiting from the cosmic trends.

Love-Consciousness Empowerment

This empowerment builds up an unconditional and an enlightened love-consciousness. Devotional and selfless qualities among others would develop with the pulsating presence of the power. Without true divine love in your hearts the higher angelic beings would have trouble approaching you and bless you with the gifts of the Spirit. Without love it would be difficult to embrace all beings of the universe and to establish peace in the House of God. Without true love it is impossible to evolve.

Empower with Love consciousness!

Are you on the Path to Freedom of Spirit and Self-actualization, Join our network and enjoy the many benefits nature has to offer us and discover the creative ways of making them work for you!

In High Spirits wishing all of us Heaven on earth,
with Brightest Blessings in these Glorious times!


"I exist for those I exist for" ~ Anastasia 'The Ringing Cedars of Russia'